Volunteers Needed!

Volunteer time, talent and goodwill are invaluable assets to the Library, helping it to fulfill its mission. Opportunities are available in the Trove, the Edge, as Conversation Group Leaders, as Greeters and other projects. All volunteers are required to attend an orientation session before beginning their assignments. Plan to attend a session on July 24, offered at 11am and again at 7pm.

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  1. Michiko Kawasuso

    I’m interested in volunteering at the library.
    I have worked as a librarian for 4 years in my country. What I can do is to repair books,cover books with the film,and return books to the shelf.
    I am not good at speaking English well,but I want to improve my skills through doing this volunteer. Am I eligible for this volunteer?

  2. Augusta Gruen

    I am interested in volunteering and would like to know when the next orientation is? Thank you Sincerely Augusta Gruen

  3. Linda Goldfried

    I have a BA and Ma degrees. I have been in business my whole life. I have taught, I have been an active volunteer in many areas. Currently I am 65 years old. Very fit and have the time to offer help to others.
    Please let me know the volunteer opportunities available.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    • Kathleen Degyansky

      All volunteers must attend an orientation session. The next one is scheduled for Thursday, October 23, 11am and 7pm

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