Jazz in Motion: Digital Images by Michael Friedman

Michael Friedman is an eclectic photographer. His work includes both straight photographs, in black and white and in color, and painterly images that are crafted from photographs via the computer. Over the years his subjects have included children, landscapes, foliage, florals, the seaside, sun and moon, cityscapes, fresh food, locations around the world, and troubled people he encountered during his 40-year career as a social worker and public policy advocate, such as homeless people and adults and children with mental illness and their families. In recent years he has focused considerable attention on jazz musicians in performance.

In addition to shows of his photographs, Mr. Friedman organizes exhibits and permanent displays at restaurants, offices, and other venues. These installations include the work of other photographers as well as his own.

Mr. Friedman is also a jazz musician with a great love for modern rhythms and harmonies and for the art of improvisation. The prints in this show reflect Mr. Friedman’s ongoing effort to capture the rhythms of jazz in still images.

Jazz in Motion is on view in the Library Museum Gallery, June 8 through July 1.  Meet the artist at a reception planned for Tuesday, June 14, from 6-8pm. The Michael Friedman Jazz Quartet will perform.



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