By Lauren Lichtenthal, Trove Librarian.

Chances are, if you are a parent, particularly of a child who cannot yet read independently, you are probably driving yourself insane trying to keep your child occupied. There are plenty of great resources on our Library’s website. Please use them.

But one of the great resources that we do have is difficult to find through our Library’s website—ABCmouse. There have been tons of posts on every imaginable social media about ABCmouse being free using certain passwords due to the pandemic, then even more posts about parents who find that those free passwords have not been working. The good news is as long as you have your library card number and pin, you don’t need to worry. We have it for you. But since even I had trouble getting to the sign-in page, I’d like to walk you through it. Once you set it up, even your preschooler can use it fairly independently.

Instead of going to our library website, go to, then click on the “Learn” tab. Under the section “For Early Learners,” you will find a link to use to login with your library card. Please note that if you try to just google ABCmouse, you will not be able to log in using your library card. You must use this link to get to the appropriate page. Here you will be able to log in. Once you have done this, the system will ask you to print or save your login information. This is what you will use to log back in any other time. Once you are in, there is a short setup, but it is worthwhile. You can register up to three children under the account and set each to their specific learning needs. I highly recommend watching the short introduction video. Once you finish the setup, there is a short assessment to do with your child, then they are set to play and learn. Enjoy!

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