Daddy-Daughter Storytime

You’ll frequently read about my daughter in my blog posts and newsletter, so in the spirit of #WFH, I decided to start making videos with her. Throughout, we will engage with the text and each other, in a process known as Dialogic Reading, which is a super-fancy way of saying we have a conversation about the book we are reading as we read it. Dialogic Reading is an important and effective way of increasing your child’s pre-reading skills and early literacy. And, it’s fun. While you read, don’t just read to your child. Ask them questions. Discuss pictures. Have them guess what happens next. Don’t just read, engage.

In addition to “Girl Power” books, we also focus on reading books that relate to my daughter’s current interests. If a child is excited by something, it is important to feed that excitement. Their enthusiasm will drive them to learn more and be more engaged with learning. So get excited by their interests, too, and support them, whatever they are. Who knows? It may be something that becomes their future. For example, some of my daughter’s recurring interests are outer space and dinosaurs, and I’d definitely have no problem with an astronaut or paleontologist as a potential career for her!

Today’s book is one that speaks to her interest in astronomy and influential women. Mae Among the Stars, written by Roda Ahmed, illustrated by Stasia Burrington and read with permission of HarperCollins Publishers, is loosely based upon the life of astronaut Mae Jemison. The art is beautiful, the message of following your dreams is powerful, and the fact that the story of the young girl is based on the life of a real person adds impact. Her parents’ repeated mantra, “If you dream it, believe in it, and work hard for it, anything is possible” is inspirational.

Is your child interested in outer space? In May, astronomer Julia Kregenow will be presenting two programs about astronomy for kids and families. For more information, on these programs click here. In addition, I recommend the titles below which are available in Overdrive/Libby or Hoopla. And, if you search “outer space,” “astronaut,” or “astronomy” in Hoopla or Overdrive/Libby, you’ll get many more titles to explore!

  • A is for Astronaut by Clayton Anderson (Hoopla)
  • Counting on Katherine: How Katherine Johnson Saved Apollo 13 by Helaine Becker (Overdrive/Libby)
  • Space Adventurer: Bonnie Dunbar, Astronaut by Andi Diehn (Hoopla)
  • DK Find Out: Solar System by DK (Overdrive/Libby)
  • 8 Little Planets by Chris Ferrie (Overdrive/Libby)
  • ABCs of Space by Chris Ferrie and Julia Kregenow (Overdrive/Libby; Hoopla)
  • There Was a Black Hole that Swallowed the Universe by Chris Ferrie (Overdrive/Libby)
  • Cool Science Careers: Astronaut by Kelly Milner Halls (Hoopla)
  • Galaxy Girls: 50 Amazing Stories of Women in Space by Libby Jackson (Hoopla)
  • Mousetronaut – based on a (partially) true story by Mark Kelly (Overdrive/Libby)
  • Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, I Know Exactly What You Are by Julia Kregenow (Overdrive/Libby)
  • Astronaut Mae Jemison by Allison Lassieur (Hoopla)
  • Amazing Solar System Projects You Can Build Yourself by Delano Lopez (Hoopla)
  • Earth! My First 4.54 Billion Years by Stacy McAnulty (Overdrive/Libby)
  • Moon! Earth’s Best Friend by Stacy McAnulty (Overdrive/Libby)
  • Sun! One in a Billion by Stacy McAnulty (Overdrive/Libby)
  • Small World by Ishta Mercurio (Overdrive/Libby; Hoopla)
  • Little Learning Labs: Astronomy for Kids by Michelle Nichols (Hoopla)
  • Sydney & Simon: To the Moon! by Paul and Peter H. Reynolds (Overdrive/Libby)
  • Margaret and the Moon: How Margaret Hamilton Saved the First Lunar Landing by Dean Robbins (Overdrive/Libby)
  • The Sun is Kind of a Big Deal by Nick Seluk (Overdrive/Libby)

Another Daddy-Daughter Storytime will be live at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday!

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