Daddy-Daughter Storytime

You’ll frequently read about my daughter in my blog posts and newsletter, so in the spirit of #WFH, I decided to start making videos with her. Throughout, we will engage with the text and each other, in a process known as Dialogic Reading, which is a super-fancy way of saying we have a conversation about the book we are reading as we read it. Dialogic Reading is an important and effective way of increasing your child’s pre-reading skills and early literacy. And, it’s fun. While you read, don’t just read to your child. Ask them questions. Discuss pictures. Have them guess what happens next. Don’t just read, engage.

In one of the first Daddy-Daughter Storytime videos, my daughter and I read The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark. Today’s story is another variant on the classic tale, The Three Little Pigs and the Somewhat Bad Wolf, written and illustrated by Mark Teague and read with permission of Scholastic.


One of the great things with reading variants of classic, well-known tales with your child is discussing the “known narrative” in contrast with the retelling. One of the things about most original tales is that they can be rather dark, or grim (Brothers Grimm pun intended). In the case of The Three Little Pigs, it’s rather common for the wolf to suffer some sort of dire fate at the end (possibly justified for trying wanton destruction of homes and trying to eat the pigs). My daughter, however, enjoys a much happier ending. In this case, Teague presents a wolf that was wronged because of anti-wolf prejudice at restaurants he was going to patronize. He then makes some poor decisions in regards to the pigs, only to find that he can be friends with the pigs in the end, happily ever after. Teague’s artwork is fantastic. We have enjoyed many of his books and always look for the cats that appear in them all. Hopefully we’ll be reading some more of his works in upcoming Daddy-Daughter Storytime videos.

Next video on Tuesday morning!

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