WPLF Board of Directors

Beth Kava, President & Secretary
Kristine Holden, Vice President
Graham Trelstad, Vice President
Janet Bailey, Treasurer
James Benerofe
Denise D’Ambrosio
Yuki Itoh Haynes
Richard Hecht
Joan Kass
Richard Kaye
Brian Kenney
Barbara R. Loucks
Marjolein Mooney
Paul Schwarz
Gail Schwartz
John Steward
Nicholas R. Wolff


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  1. Greta Cohan

    I cannot find Kanopy despite two contacts with the library. I was told I had put in the wrong library card number, so I repeated the process, but again, the message was I was wrong. I wasn’t. I tried again with the same results. What should I do?

    • Kristen, Adult Librarian

      Hi Greta, first, if you are accessing Kanopy for the first time, make sure you’re following the registration instructions here. If you’re logging in after already creating an account, you’ll use the email and password you created. If after those steps you’re still experiencing issues, call us at (914) 422-1480 so we can try to troubleshoot the issue.