On-Demand TaleWise June Show

Did you miss the STEAM-azing show, The Mummy at Mystery Mansion, presented by TaleWise on June 15, or perhaps you want to watch it again? You can view the show, for free, on-demand, through August 31, 2021! In addition to the stream of the show, you will have access to educational resources, experiments and STEAM activities related to the program!

Here’s how to access the on-demand show:

  • Visit The Mummy at Mystery Mansion.
  • Create a new, free, TaleWise account or sign in with Google, Facebook or an existing TaleWise account. TaleWise respects your privacy and will not share your information or send you advertising.
  • The coupon code will already be applied, to make the cost $0. If it asks for a code, the code is: 13726
  • Click Continue on the checkout page. The video of the show will then load automatically. Resources and activities will also be found on the video page.

There you go! The show will be saved in your Talewise account, so you can sign in and watch it as many times as you would like through August 31, 2021!

About The Mummy at Mystery Mansion
Frankie and Casey visit their uncle for his annual costume party, only to find out that a creepy mummy has been scaring everyone away! Some say the house is haunted, but Frankie and Casey have a different idea. Join them on their adventure to unravel the mystery of the mummy! Along the way, you’ll explore some spooky and exciting science concepts about blackouts, mummification and more!

About TaleWise
TaleWise (originally known as ScienceTellers) was started in 2004. Over the years our science and storytelling shows have delighted thousands of children all over the country, and we have grown from a one-man operation into a whole team of performers and staff who all share a passion for teaching through stories. With the pivot to virtual programming in 2020, we used today’s technology to create a new set of shows and digital resources. Each TaleWise show comprises four key elements: an interactive host, an animated story, Next Generation Science concepts, and themed activities. We look forward to sharing our shows with you! Enjoy our animated adventures, learn some fun science, and have a blast with our hands-on activities!

This program is supported by the White Plains Library Foundation.

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