Policy: Future Development of Library Plaza

The City Charter states that the Library Board of Trustees shall have power and it shall be its duty “to have the exclusive care, custody, management and control of the public library of said city and all property pertaining thereto.” Accordingly, the Library Board considers the use, appearance, condition and development of the Library Plaza as part of its ongoing responsibility to provide environs for library service that serve the community well.

To this end, the Library Board will use the following criteria to develop and/or evaluate proposals for future uses of the Library Plaza.

Such development must:

  • be in keeping with the City’s Master Plan;
  • be coordinated with and approved by the City of White Plains, in particular, the Planning Department, Public Works Department, Capital Projects Board, Mayor and Common Council, as appropriate;
  • complement the library mission and goals;
  • meet community needs and reflect broad community interests;
  • increase appropriate public uses of the Plaza;
  • improve the appearance and public enjoyment of the Plaza;
  • maintain public safety;
  • preserve the option for first floor expansion of the library facility with appropriate buffers between neighboring buildings.

Adopted by the White Plains Library Board of Trustees on: 10/21/98

PDF Version: Plaza.pdf