Plan of Service

Priorities for 2017-2021

1. The Hub Staff will make helping patrons with technology needs a top priority.
2. The Hub will be designed with much needed self-service technology in mind.
3. The Hub Staff along with all Library Staff will strive to be the model for a patron-centric Library.
4. The Hub will be designed with a variety of meeting and working spaces to meet the needs of our patrons.
5. The Hub will strive to have programming in response to Community needs.



Goal 1: The Hub Staff Will Make Helping Patrons With Technology Needs A Top Priority

Objective A: Staff will be able to provide patrons immediate technology help

Recommendation: Between 10am & 7pm M-F and Saturday and Sundays have 2 Librarians and 1 Clerk assigned to the Hub Desk so that 2 of the 3 can give immediate technology assistance. 1 Staff will remain at the Desk to answer Ready Reference and Directional questions as well as give quick, basic computer help.

Recommendation: Between 7pm & 9pm, have 1 Librarian and 1 Clerk assigned to the Hub Desk so that 1 of them can provide immediate technology assistance.

Recommendation: Make it clear to staff working in the Hub that spending time helping patrons meet their needs is greatly encouraged and expected.

Objective B: Staff will be on call to help patrons with technology needs

Recommendation: Staff who are not on the desk but in the building will serve as back up to either come down and assist a patron one-on-one OR to cover the desk so another staff member can work with that patron.

Recommendation: Although Hub Staff not on the desk would be the first called, any staff who have the expertise to help should also make themselves available to help patrons at their point of need.

Objective C: Staff computer training

Recommendation: All staff should be provided with the opportunity to improve their technology skills either thru training in-house by staff, WLS training, or online training using tools like

Recommendation: A checklist of computer skills that all Hub Staff will be required to complete and other staff will be encouraged to complete will be created so that everyone knows how to use all of the e-resources provided by the Library.

Recommendation: Staff should have access to the same software that is provided to the patrons on the public computers.

Goal 2: The Hub Will Be Designed With Much Needed Self-Service Technology in Mind

Objective A: Ease Access to Library Computers

Recommendation: Have laptops available for patrons to borrow and use in the Library proper or in the Study Rooms.

Recommendation: Have a variety of computer terminals to meet the needs of patrons who need quick access and also those who may be doing length work/research.

Objective B: Reliable Wifi and Power Access

Recommendation: All tables and counter tops in the Hub should be fitted with power sources

Recommendation: Have our Systems Staff install the most reliable public access WiFi throughout the Hub.

Objective C: Provide patrons with the equipment they want.

Recommendation: Have software [CAD, Adobe, Audio/Video editing] that our patrons ask for.

Recommendation: Have selected audio and video hardware available for the public to use.

Recommendation: Have a self-service scanner that is not attached to the photocopier.

Recommendation: Have a self-service fax machine that is limited to 10 pages and domestic calls.

Recommendation: Have self-check terminals set up for self-return capability.

Recommendation: Have Mac laptops or Mac desktops for public use (preferably both).

Recommendation: Have laminated, easy to read and understand instructions next to all self-serve technology. Instructions should also be available online from the Library website.

Goal 3: The Hub Staff Along With All Library Staff Will Strive To Be The Model For A Patron-Centric Library.

Objective A: Patrons will be welcomed and directed to the service desk and/or resources they need.

Recommendation: A concierge/greeter will be stationed in the Lobby to welcome patrons and immediately assist them with satisfying their library visit needs.

Recommendation: The concierge will be trained to know what is available at the Library, where things are located, and who they can go to fill their need.

Recommendation: All public service staff, and especially anyone working as the concierge, should attend customer service training and have a complete understanding of Library services and collections.

Objective B: As much as possible, encourage staff to help patrons without directing them to another staff/desk.

Recommendation: Staff will be cross-trained to meet patrons needs regardless of what desk they work at or what their position is in the Library.

Recommendation: A training checklist will be created that all public service staff must complete thus creating a baseline of what all staff are expected to know.

Objective C: Dept Heads/Managers/Supervisors will be responsible for making sure their staff are providing excellent customer service.

Recommendation: Supervisors will do periodic walk-throughs to assist staff, provide immediate mentoring, and immediate feedback on what they can do to improve.

Recommendation: Staff should be provided access to training if they are lacking in any required skill.

Goal 4: The Hub Will Be Designed With A Variety of Meeting and Working Spaces To Meet The Needs Of Our Patrons.

Objective A: Create spaces for quiet study and group work.

Recommendation: Individual and co-working study spaces are frequently requested and need to be included in the design.

Objective B: Provide technology and resources in the meeting rooms that patrons will want to use.

Recommendation: Have White Walls/White Boards in many/all of the study rooms.

Recommendation: Have projectors in many/all of the study rooms. These could either be installed in the rooms or available at the Hub Desk.

Recommendation: Have study rooms with Skype capabilities both for individual work and group activities.

Objective C: Design the space to be as flexible and multi-purpose as possible.

Recommendation: Much like the Edge, have as much of the furniture as possible be on wheels and sliding walls between rooms.

Recommendation: Encourage staff to have programs on the floor of the Hub to attract participants and create a buzz in the space.

Goal 5: The Hub Will Strive To Have Programming In Response to Community Needs.

Objective A: Provide more social service and e-government help by partnering with non-profit agencies.

Recommendation: Reach out to local agencies offering them meeting rooms to help patrons on a regularly scheduled basis much like TASC tutoring is done. Potential partners are: Westchester County Clerk, Department of Social Services, The Loft, LatinoU, Centro Hispano, and many others. This would allow us to provide needed programs without taking up valuable staff time.

Recommendation: Provide free room use either in the multi-purpose room or in our meeting rooms to non-profits who want to create regular drop-in times.

Objective B: Do not forget the reader!

Recommendation: Create an online book club to reach out to patrons who cannot make it to our book clubs either because of timing or family commitments. Offer evening book clubs via Skype to reach a new audience.

Recommendation: Create ways to celebrate our large contingent of readers. Have on the floor book recommendation talks or in the multi-purpose room where readers can share with one another.

Objective C: Have a dedicated hard-wired area for computer instruction

Recommendation: Create a space on the floor where it will be easy to designate class space for computer instruction while leaving the rest of the PCs available to the public.

Recommendation: Have a room dedicated to computer instruction that can be opened up to the public when classes are not in session.

Objective D: Continue our popular traditional programs, integrating them into the Hub.

Recommendation: As much as possible, continue our much needed English classes, Spanish classes, Citizenship classes, TASC classes and technology classes.

Recommendation: On a regular basis, poll our users to see what programming might be of interest to them and see if adding new programs either with staff or community partners is feasible.

Objective E: Explore new program opportunities.

Recommendation: Consider offering homework help for college students and adult learners.

Recommendation: Expand cultural and arts program opportunities by partnering with community groups.

Recommendation: Continue reaching out to other City Departments to partner in programs, like we have successfully done with Recreation & Parks.