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David Rocco Tappan Zee Bridge Exhibit

Meet photographer David Rocco on Saturday, March 2 at 2:00 p.m. in our Museum Gallery on the 2nd floor. Westchester County photographer, David Rocco has traveled aboard helicopters, trains, boats and to locations in Rockland and Westchester Counties, Port of Coeymans, NY and Williamsport, PA to capture the new Tappan Zee Bridge’s construction in over 10,000 action and progression images. The results of his relentless efforts include numerous breathtaking aerial-photo close-ups of the emerging bridge towers, which now top at 419-feet high, as well as waterfront views of tug-boat teams at work throughout the seasons including their efforts in retrieving
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Local History: Depends On What You’re Looking For…

Photographs are great ways of learning about the past. They hold different levels of meaning and must be viewed critically to gain a true sense of what they represent. For instance, a seemingly straightforward picture of a row of houses might contain valuable information about the way houses were used or redesigned. A street scene with people scattered along the sidewalk might not be an accurate depiction of street life at the time–were the people posed? Did they show up because they knew a photograph was being taken? Here is a list of more questions I ask myself when using
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Hidden in Plain Sight Opens in The Gallery

“Hidden in Plain Sight,” an exhibition of photographs by Barry Katzen of architectural details on buildings in White Plains, will go on view at The Gallery in the White Plains Public Library on June 19. The exhibition will be open to the public through August 2, 2015. Long-time White Plains resident Barry Katzen has spent the last decade recording architectural details throughout the city. “I sought out the interesting, the beautiful, the mysterious, and the downright strange.” Katzen has captured valuable visual treasures which are still embedded in our built environment. Opening reception will be at 6:30 p.m. on June 18. It is free and all
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