People & Stories Oral History Project: Brian Wallach

In the first oral history recorded for People & Stories, consummate storyteller and long-time White Plains resident Brian Wallach shares his memories and perspective.  This oral history was recorded at the offices of the Brian Wallach Agency.

Wallach grew up just south of the city line in Scarsdale and remembered his mother's work in the real estate business in that area- including a story about her most famous client, Al Jolson.  He also spoke about changes in White Plains' physical and social landscape during his lifetime.  As a founding member of White Plains Beautification Foundation, much of Wallach's service to the community has come through making the city a greener, more colorful place while government and private developers created large buildings and vast paved expanses.  He fondly recalled the friendly character of White Plains pre-urban renewal, but also acknowledged the boundaries that existed between people- boundaries based on racial and economic discrimination.  Through all of it, Wallach has remained committed to improving the city.

Wallach's perspective on White Plains is long.  With a strong memory, an active present, and lots of hope for the future, Brian Wallach is a captivating and inspiring example of a White Plains resident.

Categories: Local History and Oral History.