Wellness from the Edge: Mindfulness Practices

It’s an understatement to say that 2020 has been an unusually stressful year so far. This is the perfect time to draw on Mindfulness Practices, including techniques to help teens manage stress and promote wellbeing. On this page, you'll find a series of three recorded Mindfulness sessions with yoga and Mindfulness educator Cristina Ortiz.

Teens can watch at a time that’s most helpful to them, whether it’s a way to unwind in the evening, or a much-needed break during a stressful day. Cristina has thoughtfully paired each video with a printable page to help teens continue using what they’ve learned and reinforce their own Mindfulness practices.

Video One: From Stress to Peace

Click here to download the printable mindfulness sheet for this video.

In this video, Cristina goes over the basics of Mindfulness practice. She explains how Mindfulness can serve as a coping tool for managing stress. Finally, she leads a positive affirmation exercise that uses a happy memory to create peaceful feelings.

Video Two: Reflect and Meditate

Click here to download the printable mindfulness sheet for this video.

Cristina begins with information about how the nervous system functions, and that activating the parasympathetic nervous system allows us to relax. This week, she leads a guided meditation with positive affirmations. She also invites the audience to participate in a journaling exercise designed to amplify feelings of accomplishment, joy, and gratitude.

Video Three: Meditation for Emotional Awareness

Click here to download the mindfulness sheet for this video.

This video focuses on developing awareness of our own emotions, even the negative ones. Cristina leads a guided breathing meditation designed to transform a gloomy mood into a more peaceful state of mind. She also offers some closing thoughts about growing a personal mindfulness practice.

Thank you to Cristina Ortiz and The White Plains Library Foundation, who provided funding for this program.

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