Renew My Card

In order to renew your White Plains Public Library card, please scan and send the following information.

  • Personal Identification (one of the following: driver's license, passport, government issued ID) of the person whose card is being renewed.
  • Proof of White Plains residence (one of the following: driver's license, utility bill, leasing agreement) of the person whose card is being renewed.

Note: If providing proof of residence other than a driver's license, it cannot be more than three months old.

For non-residents that work or go to school in White Plains but live outside of Westchester County, we will need documentation of employment or enrollment (one of the following: work/school ID, letter from employer/school).

You can also visit us inside the library. The Circulation Department is located on the first floor of the library. You will need to bring the same documents as stated above.

Thank you for your continued interest in the White Plains Public Library. We hope to see you soon!

Card Renewal Application
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