Send a Fax

The White Plains Public Library is pleased to provide a fax service to the public. Patrons who need to use the service will be accommodated as quickly as possible; however, Library service and operations will take priority over public fax use.

To send a fax, either print this fax cover sheet or request one at the Circulation desk. Fill out the cover sheet, bring it and the pages to be faxed to the Circulation desk in the Lobby on the first floor and simply request it to be faxed.

The fax may be used to send only and it is the patron’s responsibility to advise fax recipients of this. Patrons must be in the Library to send a fax; they may not leave their material at the Library to be sent at a later time.

The fax equipment will be operated only by Library staff.

The fax service is available from the time the Library opens until one half-hour before it closes.

Fax material will be considered confidential; however, the Library can in no way guarantee the confidentiality of the material after it has been transmitted.

The Library is not responsible for the accuracy of fax numbers, nor for the content sent by fax on a patron’s behalf. The fax service shall not be used for solicitation nor for any unlawful activity. If the service is abused, a patron may be denied use of the fax by the Library Director.

The Library is not responsible for any damage or loss of data or consequent damage arising out of the use of the fax.

Copy must be in a condition acceptable by the fax equipment. Paper to be faxed must be letter or legal size. Proper copy is the patron’s responsibility.

While the fax equipment will attempt to resend a fax in the event of a busy signal or no answer, the Library is not responsible for successful receipt by the recipient.

Transmission errors are common, and print quality is variable and not controllable by the Library.

Faxes cannot be sent to international numbers.

There are also a number of online websites listed below through which fax service is available.  Please note that we merely list these sites as a convenience; White Plains Public Library neither endorses nor is responsible for the quality of the services provided by these sites.