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3D Printing

The Library is welcoming the public into our Makerspace!

We have four 3D Printers:
-Flashforge Guider 2 (build volume: 280*250*300 mm)
-Flashforge Creator Pro, dual head printer (build Volume: 227*148*150 mm)
-Bibo 2, dual head printer (build volume: 214*186*160 mm)
-Prusa SL1, resin printer (build volume: 120*68*150 mm)

If you have an .stl file ready to be printed by the Library or you would like to come in and learn how to slice and print an object, please fill out the fields below. If possible, please upload the file to prior to requesting an appointment. You will be contacted shortly after your submission is received. We will start your print job as soon as we can.

*This session assumes you have an .stl file ready to be 3D printed.

The Library reserves the right to refuse any 3D print request.

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Training Videos

3D Printing: 3D Design Apps

3D Printing: Submission Tutorial

3D Printer: Bibo 2

The Bibo 2 is a dual extruder 3D printer. Dual extruder printers can print objects using 2 different colored filaments. It uses ABS and PLA filament like the Flashforge Guider II, but it can produce more colorful objects in a single print. What makes the Bibo 2 unique compared to other dual extruder printers is that the extruders can also move independently, which gives the printer the ability to print matching objects at the same time, cutting production time in half.

3D Printer: Flashforge Guider II

3D Printer: Original Prusa

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