People & Stories Oral History Project: Lee Palmer

Lee Palmer and the White Plains Public Library are inseparable.  Lee has worked at the library in one way or another since 1966.  After Lee took a class on storytelling at the library in the mid-1960s, a librarian hired her to be a children's storyteller.  In this oral history, you can hear her enthusiasm for that job and the library's central place in White Plains.  Lee also discusses her reasons for moving to White Plains, her reasons for staying, and the fulfillment she gets from her current work as a Friend of the Library.


The White Plains Public Library when it was located on the corner of Grand Street and Quarropas Street behind the County Building.


One of Lee Palmer's predecessors running a story time in the Grand Street library.


A photograph of the large Copper Beech Tree in front of the Grand Street library.

Categories: Local History and Oral History.