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The Library hotspot lending program provides access to unlimited, high-speed Internet service anywhere T-Mobile/Sprint provides data coverage within the continental U.S. Connect up to ten devices at a time, including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. Perfect for those who have no Internet access at home, are going on vacation, or taking their business on the road.

Hotspots are available to White Plains Public Library cardholders for a 14 day loan period. Reserve a hotspot now!

How do I reserve a HotSpot?
HotSpots can be reserved online using your library card by visiting our Library Reservations page. For further information, call the White Plains Public Library Information Desk at 914-422-1480 or email

Is there a charge to borrow a HotSpot?
There is no charge to borrow a HotSpot; however, there are fees incurred if the HotSpot isn't returned on or before the due date and if you reserved a HotSpot but failed to pick it up or cancel the reservation at least 24 hours in advance of the pickup date.

Who can reserve a HotSpot?
Valid White Plains Public Library cardholders who are 18 years old or older and whose accounts are in good standing can reserve a HotSpot.

How far in advance can I reserve a HotSpot?
Reservations can be made up to 30 days in advance.

Can I cancel my reservation?
You can cancel your reservation online by visiting My Passes and signing in with the same card number and PIN that you used to reserve the HotSpot. That will lead you to a page where your reservation is displayed along with a button labeled Cancel Reservation. You may also call us at 914-422-1480 and request that we cancel your reservation. Please note that you must cancel at least 24 hours before the pickup date, otherwise you will be charged $10.

Do I need my library card to pick up the HotSpot?
You do not need your library card to pick up your HotSpot. It will be waiting for you under your last name.

Can I renew the Hotspot I have checked out?
No, HotSpots are not renewable.

Where do I return my HotSpot?
All HotSpots are to be returned in the DropBox and will be quarantined for four days before staff will check it in.

What is the late fee or replacement fee?
The late fee is $50. If a HotSpot is lost or damaged, the replacement fee is $100.

Will the HotSpot work everywhere?
No, it will only work where T-Mobile/Sprint has data coverage. If you plan on taking the HotSpot with you on a trip, you will definitely want to check T-Mobile/Sprint’s data coverage map. Enter your zip code (or the zip code where you will be) and click on Map it!, then click on the Data tab just above the map. Also, when it comes to having a good connection to the internet, consider the HotSpot to be like a cell phone. If there's a location at home or in an office building where you don't have a strong enough signal to make a call on a cell phone, then chances are the HotSpot won't work in that location either.

How many devices can connect to the HotSpot?
A maximum of 10 (ten) devices can be connected at once.

Who do I contact if I have questions or a problem with the HotSpot?
Call us at 914-422-1480.

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