Seated: L-R, Barrera, Matthews-Serra and Summers
Standing: L-R, Schwarz, Furth, Haynes, Scherer and D'Ambrosio
Not present: Ricca

Mrs. Denise O. Matthews-Serra
A parent of two daughters and has been an active member of the community for over 20 years. Denise is a Certified Pension Consultant, has a Master in Project Management and is a Client Transition Manager at Pentegra Retirement Services here in White Plains. Denise is also currently Co-President at the White Plains High School.
Term ends 2019

Mr. Thomas O. Scherer
A resident of White Plains since 1977 and the father of three recent graduates of the White Plains school system. He retired from bond insurer MBIA in 2008 and now works as a municipal bond analyst for Berkshire Hathaway Assurance Corporation in Stamford, CT.
Term ends 2019

Ms. Luz Barrera
An economist dedicated to empowering small business owners, employees, students and parents by providing Personal Financial Education through her organization Because Your Money Matters. She has been a White Plains resident for the last 15 years and is an active member of the local Hispanic community.
Term ends 2020

Ms. Denise J. D’Ambrosio
A Partner in the law firm Allen & Desnoyers LLP with offices in White Plains, a parent of three children who attended the City of White Plains Public Schools, and a resident of the City of White Plains for over three decades. She also serves on the Library Board Foundation, White Plains Zoning Board of Appeals, and the Westchester County League of Conservation Voters.
Term ends 2019

Mrs. Hope Furth
A retired mathematics teacher. She has lived in White Plains for over 50 years and is a dedicated White Plains Public Library user. She is also a member of the Westchester Library Association Board of Trustees and an emeritus, but still active Trustee of the Smithsonian Institute Libraries.
Term ends 2018

Ms. Yuki Itoh Haynes
A former intellectual property legal assistant who has resided in White Plains with her family for more than 15 years. She is currently at home raising her two children while working as a substitute teaching assistant in the White Plains school district.
Term ends 2018

Mr. Paul Schwarz
A retired teacher of English and Public Speaking, Board President of Meals-on-Wheels of White Plains, and lifetime resident of White Plains. He devotes time to various other local not-for-profit boards and organizations involving seniors, youth and inter-generational programming.
Term ends 2018

Elaine Summers
A native of Ecuador, Ms. Summers grew up in New York City and has called White Plains home for over 20 years. She is a member of the White Plains Lion’s Club and a District Leader in the district of downtown White Plains, wherein she resides. She is a frequent visitor to the White Plains Public Library and has oftentimes taken part in its programs and services.
Term ends 2020

Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Joseph Ricca