John Lolis

“A White Plains native, I've spent almost my entire life living here and watching the City evolve to where it is today. After college, I worked for seven years as the Test Materials Quality Control Engineer at the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers where I eventually became known as the resident PC guru. Seeing at the time where those new-fangled personal computers were headed, I decided on a career change and started working for Prodigy Services Company providing technical support helping to introduce members to their first ever online experience. Over the next 15 years as Prodigy went through corporate changes, I was laid off, rehired and relocated twice, once to Tennessee and once to Texas. I eventually worked as an application developer specializing in applications for the company intranet and also to support a call center environment, the latter leading me to learn much about the development and implementation of expert systems.

Returning to White Plains in 2004, I was fortunate enough to end up in my current role here at the Library where I very much enjoy accommodating the technology needs of staff and patrons alike. While it's a constant challenge keeping up with so many different aspects of technology, I welcome the on-going mental exercise it provides. As for my interests, I suppose they're somewhat atypical: light & sound brain stimulation, meditation, biofeedback, psychic phenomena, physics (quantum and otherwise), holistic medicine, religion and philosophy, holography and fractals. I also enjoy dabbling in artwork and writing. Although I enjoy the written word very much, I find little time to sit and read anything but technical blather. It's a shame when I find myself surrounded by so much to read with so little time to do so. The same can be said of all the latest VR, 3D and other tech “toys” we have here at the Library with which I'd love to spend time. As far as recreation goes, my passion is paddleball, a definitive NYC sport. Weather permitting, I play once a week at Orchard Beach.”

Responsibilities: Coordinator, Computer Systems.
Department: Information Technology.