Photo of the Week Upload

Do you have a photo that amuses, inspires or delights? We are looking for photos taken here in White Plains, from nature to architecture to the people that make this City so great. Upload it for consideration as our photo of the week in This Week on Martine.

Photo Submission
We accept images in Jpeg, JPG and PNG formats. Size Under 10MB.

Disclaimer: By submitting my photo, I hereby voluntarily permit and authorize the White Plains Public Library to post in the Library newsletter and on its website my photo. Permission is also granted to the Library to copy, exhibit or publish the photo in print or online. I attest to my ownership of the photo being submitted and that no other person or entity can lay claim to it. Accordingly, I release the Library and its staff acting on its behalf from any and all liability related to further dissemination of my photo.
Maximum upload size: 268.44MB