A Plan for the Library's Future

Interested in where the White Plains Public Library is headed the next few years? Then take a few minutes to look over our strategic plan.

Many people in the White Plains community helped out with this plan, whether through interviews, focus groups, informal advice, or our morning-long planning retreat in May. Again, a big thanks to everyone for his or her time!

A strategic plan is like a road map; it outlines the directions we will be taking, and the actions we need to take to reach our goals. This strategic plan covers the next three years, and is closely aligned with the Library’s redesign—which will renovate the entire first floor over the course of the next three years.

White Plains is fortunate in having a beautiful library with a great collection, programs and services. But we are even more fortunate in having a community that, while loving the library, also understands that for libraries to thrive, they must change.

I expect that this strategic plan, in supporting a new design, will allow 100 Martine Avenue to serve generations to come.

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