We're Almost Back to Normal

Mayor Tom Roach cuts the ribbon to officially open The Edge on December 14.With the opening of The Edge on December 14th, phase one of the renovation is almost done. So what’s new?

First off, the book drop on the exterior of the building, has re-opened, and will remain open 24/7/365. That was the one part of the renovation that made people the unhappiest, so it’s good to have it back. Thanks for your patience!

Two, we have moved the Fiction, Mystery, Science Fiction, and Graphic Novel collections back to the left-hand side of the building, past The Edge. You will also find the New Book section, located at the beginning of the fiction collection. The New Books are there temporarily; in Phase Two, they will move to the entrance of the building (where the big desk is now). Here the news books will have a lot more room and light.

Adjacent to Fiction are the Paperback collections, including Romance and Urban Fiction. If that area is looking a little empty, it’s because the new furniture—including more comfortable seating—will be purchased in Phase Two.

At the end of January, look for three self-check machines that we will be installing right off the lobby on the left. These will help speed up circulation, similar to the ones that are in use in The Trove, although staff will always be on hand for people who would rather not use a machine.

Shortly, Kathy Degyansky, our assistant director, will be moving into her office, the glass fronted one next to the Reserve area. Stop by and let her know what you think of the changes, and any enhancements you would like to see in the next two phases.

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