Library Receives Grant to Develop Youth Coding Programs

White Plains, New York – October 31, 2017: White Plains Public Library announced today that they have received a $25,000 grant from the American Library Association (ALA) to design and implement coding programs for young people. White Plains Public Library is one of 28 libraries around the country to receive a grant from Libraries Ready to Code, an initiative of ALA sponsored by Google, which promotes computer science (CS) and computational thinking among youth.

“At their essence, public libraries spark creativity, ignite the imagination, and encourage learning through play and experimentation,” said Library Director Brian Kenney. “This grant will give White Plains teens an opportunity to grow in new ways.”

“I’m the most excited about two aspects of the Design to Code program,” said Manager of Youth Services, Joshua Carlson.  “First, we’ll bring in people who use these skills in their professional lives so teens can meet them and learn about career possibilities and real-world applications.  Next summer, we will hold an iOS App Development Camp, something I haven’t seen any other public library offer.  Teens will learn coding and create apps to be submitted to the Apple App Store where they will then be available for download!”

“Libraries are the cornerstones of our communities,” said Google program manager Nicky Rigg. “We are proud to include White Plains Public Library in our cohort of Ready to Code grantees and support them with the knowledge and skills to do what they do best: empowering youth to create, problem solve and develop the confidence and skills to succeed in their future careers.”

ALA President Jim Neal said, “As centers of innovation and information, libraries are the ideal place for youth – especially those underrepresented in tech jobs – to get the CS skills they need to succeed. ALA is pleased to provide these new resources to White Plains Public Library and other Libraries Ready to Code grantees to help young people cultivate problem-solving skills, in addition to coding, that are at the heart of libraries’ mission to foster critical thinking.”

Design to Code will expand the Edge’s current computer science and computer technology offerings, creating a regular series of programs in which teens will be able to continually build upon their skills.  These workshops will be available to local teen groups and organizations as a means for their members to increase their coding knowledge.  In addition, there will be a brand new series of workshops offered in the Edge based around design thinking, empathy and user-focused design.

About White Plains Public Library:  The White Plains Public Library is a dynamic, civic resource. Its mission is to enable all members of our community to engage in lifelong learning, find inspiration and build citizenship by providing: free and open access to recorded knowledge, personal guidance in its use, and diverse opportunities for cultural exchange and exploration of ideas.

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