Pointers 4 Parents: The Breaking News

Lauren's “Pointers 4 Parents” column features tips, tricks, and resources for caregivers with a specific focus on children with special needs.

In light of all the terrible news that we see daily, be it on the news, social media, or in real life, here are some resources to help you talk to your children. Caroline Knorr of Common Sense Media suggests tips for talking to kids about violence, crime, and war at different ages.

Common Sense Media is an amazing online resource for parents in general, not just for this topic. It gives parents information about nearly everything media related that their children may interact with. As with any website, check their “About” page for more information about the organization. You can find reviews with age recommendations for movies, television shows, and even Youtube channels. It provides book reviews, app and video game reviews, information about screen time, and even about parental controls. If your child is on any type of media, this website should be your new best friend!

I would combine her suggestions with a wonderful book for children that you can find in our Parenting section, The Breaking News, by Sarah Lynne Reul. This timely picture book looks at bad news through the eyes of a little girl who wants to help make things better. It is gentle, yet moving.

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