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By Kathlyn Carroll, Edge Librarian.

Like many others suddenly working from home, I’ve been focusing on professional development opportunities that would otherwise go on the back burner. While browsing a Library database,, I came across a surprising variety of writing tutorial videos that would also help teen writers. Whether you’re struggling through ELA essays assigned virtually by your teachers, or using the extra time to tackle a personal creative writing project, one of these videos may guide you on your quest. Once you login at the link above, you can search for the learning paths and videos below.

ELA Class

Writing Under a Deadline
While this video also applies to journalists and other professionals, Starshine Roshell’s solid tips will also help students get their writing done efficiently and stress-free.

Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing
Learn how to streamline and polish your writing in this comprehensive overview from “Grammar Girl” Mignon Fogarty. If you only watch one video, this should be it.

Grammar Foundations
If your ELA teacher assigned any grammar worksheets, check out this video for basic grammar refreshers on parts of speech, punctuation, and other elements of style.

Editing and proofreading
A collection of useful tips to help you check and correct your work.

Creative Writing

Foundations of Fiction
Young Adult fiction author Jessica Brody teams up with novelist and writing coach Joanne Rendell for a conversation on the elements of fiction, including dialogue, narrative style, setting, and plot.

15 Steps to a Bestselling Novel
Jessica Brody leads an in-depth dive into theme, plot, catalyst, and other components of a novel, providing examples from popular books every step of the way.

Conquering Writer’s Block
Jessica Brody shares the tools she used to banish writer’s block forever.

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