Absentee Ballot for NY Primary

Do you want to vote in the June 23 primary but fear going to your polling place because of COVID-19? Now you can vote by absentee ballot even if you don’t meet the usual conditions (being out of town, having a temporary or permanent illness, etc.).

Recently Governor Cuomo issued an executive order that makes it easier for New Yorkers to vote by absentee ballot for any elections on or before June 23.

To get an absentee ballot, you have to fill out and submit an application first. The New York State Board of Elections is mailing all eligible voters in active or inactive status an application for any primary or special election on June 23. If you don’t want to wait, you may request an absentee ballot by clicking on the link below to download a PDF version of the New York State Absentee Ballot Application Form:

Download Absentee Ballot Application

Complete the application. To request an absentee ballot because you’re afraid of contracting COVID-19, check the box next to “temporary illness or physical disability” in Section 1. The governor’s executive order allows you to use this as a reason.



Email, fax, or mail the completed form to the Westchester County Board of Elections by June 16. But return it sooner if you can!

Email the application as an attachment to boe-westabsentee@westchestergov.com

Or fax it to 914-995-3190 or 914-995-7753.

Or mail it to:

Westchester County Board of Elections
25 Quarropas Street
White Plains, NY 10601

If you choose to deliver it in person, you have until June 22. (This gives you only one day to postmark or return your completed absentee ballot.)

Normally you can only mail or drop off the application form, but the executive order gives you the fax or email options for the June 23 primary only.

You may also send a letter instead of the application form to request an absentee ballot. The letter must contain your name, date of birth, the address where you are registered, the address where you request the ballot to be sent, and the reason for the request—in this case, “temporary illness or physical disability.” You mail, fax, or email this letter to the Westchester Board of Elections by June 16.

Note that after you receive your absentee ballot by mail and complete it, you must return it by mail or in person. You must postmark it by June 22 or return it in person by June 23. You can’t fax or email your completed absentee ballot back to the Westchester Board of Elections.

The New York State Board of Elections canceled the Democratic presidential primary on June 23, but a U.S. judge ruled on May 5 that this action was unconstitutional, thereby reinstating the primary. The Board of Elections may appeal the ruling. In any case, there are still primaries for congressional and state-wide offices. White Plains will have the following:

  • Democratic and Republican primaries for the House of Representatives seat held by Nita Lowey, who is retiring;
  • A Democratic primary for New York State Assembly District 93, which is an open seat because incumbent David Buchwald is running for Nita Lowey’s seat;
  • And a Democratic primary for Assembly District 95; the incumbent is Amy Paulin.

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