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The Library has long had a subscription to, but it could only be used at the Library. In response to the COVID-19 health crises, and the huge numbers of us at home, Ancestry decided to make its vast database available at home, providing you have a White Plains library card. Eager to lose four or more hours? Start searching your family history through Ancestry's incredible network of genealogical and historical records and related genetic genealogy websites.

With over 1.2 billion records in over 3,000 databases, Ancestry Library Edition is the most comprehensive online source of information for conducting genealogical and local history research.

Access to this resource has been temporarily expanded to White Plains Public Library cardholders working remotely, courtesy of ProQuest and its partner Ancestry.

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  1. D Scott Faubel

    Please fix your access to the “home” version. I keep getting a msg saying I have to be at the library to access the site.
    David Scott Faubel, patron

  2. Donna Carpenter

    I’d like to research my family….I live out of town, but my family is all from White Plains. How do I access the online genealogy library version if I don’t have a library card?

  3. Kim M Sullivan Chilton

    I no longer live in Westchester but, my family history is there. How do I find records of my ancestors who resided, worked, and in some cases owned a business in White Plains?

    • Kristen, Adult Librarian

      Hi Kim, you should be getting an email from our local history librarian with info on how to proceed.

    • Kristen, Adult Librarian

      Hi Barb,

      We have the Library Edition which does not have all of the same features as Ancestry Plus.

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