Poem a Day

April is National Poetry Month! To celebrate, we'll be sharing a poem a day from Zork's archived footage of our monthly Poetry Slam, which started in 2004. Check back here or on Facebook and Twitter each day for the latest poem added to the archive.

First up is Shannelle the Artist with her poem “Intuition,” which she performed for us back in January.


Day 2 is AJ with her reading from March 2015.


Day 3 is James Larkin with his Slam performance from July 2015.


Day 4 is Connor Browne with his Slam performance from February 2015.


Day 5 is Nina Robins with her Slam performance from April 2015.


Day 6 is Melanie with her poem “He Knew.”


Day 7 is Mike with his performance from January 2015.


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  1. Evitta A Thomas

    I am grateful for Zork and Kristen for continuing to bring poetry together through the pandemic, I Evitta Thomas have participated in the Poetry slams at the WhitePlains Library

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