Documenting COVID-19:
“A Pen” Poem

Poem submitted by Nava D. Pollak, age 11.

A pen

That never stops using words

A unique fountain pen

Who’s nib points flat down,

Yet up

To let ink out just right

Fill it up in the color you want

Make it yours

Right now this pen feels alive

So much extra time to write

But this pen is so sad

For in the wrong hands this pen

Writes things learns things

A poor pen shouldn’t have to know

But this pen can be used by a child

A child who finds the obvious topic



In those hands

The small soft hands of a child

This pen is happy,

For it gets to write down

This child’s entire imagination

Whatever wonderful words

This young writer has in store

In a child’s hand,

This pen is not


A pen

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