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Never A Miss Poem

“Never A Miss,” a poem submitted by Gina. “I lost my father to COVID-19. I began to write down what it felt like from the moment we had to leave him at the hospital to 16 days later when he lost his life.”

Never A Miss

You were never a miss
They didn’t know
Rushed inside while they waited for more rows
Failing miserably on the account of all others
Your dignity and pride now tossed aside
Unable to speak as voices disappear
Pleading for breath but life was so unclear

You were never a miss
Mind like no other
Stronger than most with hands of steel
You fought a battle never to be healed
Uncharted waters diseased by plague
Spikes appeared out of the brush
They knew you deserved a better day

You were never a miss
Decisions had to be made
Rollercoaster halted as the ride spiraled too deep
Words from the unknown began to speak
Rocking back and forth hoping to kill the deceit
No doors could be opened as lots filled with grief
Heroes walk on bye to say our final good byes

She held your hand as I shed my tears
I had to answer the ring I never wanted to hear
Your voice broke the news so sincere
You set him free the only one who was aloud to see
Free from pain may you always remain the same

Printable version: Never-A-Miss-Poem-3.pdf

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