Amazing Audiobooks for Kids: Part 2

I love audiobooks and I enjoy having the eBook or print version of the story in front of me while listening to the audio. It just works for me! I find that my mind occasionally wanders if I’m only listening to the audio and having the eBook or print version of it helps me to focus. I also have noticed that I tend to read too quickly if I’m just reading an eBook or print version. Whether you’re a fan of audiobooks or have never tried them before, I hope you’ll give a listen to my audiobook recommendations that you can access at home using Hoopla or OverDrive!

The War That Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
For children in grades 4-7.
OverDrive: Audiobook & eBook
Deb and I picked this story for Book Bunch, our book discussion group for fourth and fifth graders, earlier this year. The group has gone online, so take a look at our virtual calendar if you’d like more information! The book is set during World War II and focuses on nine-year-old Ada. She has barely ever left the family apartment since her mother is ashamed of her clubfoot. When her brother Jamie is sent away from London to escape the bombings, Ada goes too and discovers a whole different life than the one she had previously led. I highly suggest to read it and the sequel, The War I Finally Won, which is available on OverDrive as an eBook!

Weird Little Robots by Carolyn Crimi and Corinna Luyken
For children in grades 5-8.
Hoopla: Audiobook
OverDrive: Audiobook
“Delighted when their robots come to life, Penny Rose and Lark decide to keep them to themselves. But when Penny Rose reveals their secret, it causes a rift in their friendship. Cassandra Lee Morris provides delightful narration.” –School Library Journal

Max and the Midknights by Lincoln Peirce
For children in grades 4-6.
OverDrive: Audiobook & eBook
“Filled with exciting elements, including wizards, dragons, zombies, and flying rats, this mischievous medieval tale in characteristic cartoons by Big Nate creator Peirce will entertain young and adult readers with adventure and humor.” –Publishers Weekly

Other Words for Home by Jasmine Warga
For children in grades 5-8.
Hoopla: Audiobook & eBook
OverDrive: Audiobook & eBook
“Twelve-year-old Jude and her mom move from Syria to Cincinnati to live with relatives. As Jude adjusts to American life, she misses family, friends, and the country she left behind. Vaneh Assadourian performs the novel in verse.” –School Library Journal

A Good Kind of Trouble by Lisa Moore Ramée
For children in grades 4-8.
Hoopla: Audiobook
OverDrive: eBook
“As 12-year-old Shayla starts middle school, she grapples with changing friendships and engages with the Black Lives Matter movement, challenging school officials when they ban the wearing of black armbands. Imani Parks performs Shayla’s range of emotions beautifully.” –School Library Journal

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