Documenting COVID-19: PBA Volunteers

Photo and text submitted by Paul Schwarz, MOWWP Board President.

In March, at the beginning of the pandemic crisis, we had a knock at the door of our office at Meals on Wheels of White Plains. We were surprised to find two members of the White Plains police force. “Don't worry,” they said. “We're here as the PBA and we want to know if you need help.” Weeks later, as more and more of our volunteers declined to go out, we took them up on their offer. At the height of the crisis, for several weeks in May, members of the PBA made all of our deliveries. They came on their own time, in their own vehicles and in civilian clothes, and covered all of our six routes. (The uniformed members in the photo were there as backup that day. None went on a route in uniform.) These officers were our saviors, taking over and taking our meals on their wheels. (Now enough of our volunteers are back, but the PBA is still on call as standby.) -Paul Schwarz, MOWWP Board President

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