Documenting COVID-19: Houses of Worship

Below is a compilation of submissions from local houses of worship.

Bethel Baptist Church

eLights of Hope newsletter (PDF), March–May 2020, Volume 1. Submitted June 3, 2020.

St. Matthew's Lutheran Church

Submitted by Leah Warncke, Administrative Assistant, on June 9, 2020:

Attached you will find a brief paragraph about our church during this time of COVID 19 shutdown and pictures/videos of St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church in White Plains gathering for worship virtually.


Rev. Jonathan J. Recabarren

St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church has served the people in the city of White Plains for 125 years. As we gather as one body to enrich our faith in God this year, 2020 has challenged not only our faith but how we come together for
worship and serving each other. Our vision and mission continues to be the same serving and loving our neighbors
through Word and Sacrament considering our nation’s lockdown due to COVID-19. As all but essential businesses
being temporarily shut down, we at St. Matthew’s have essentially figured out a way of continuing to worship God
and nurture our faith during such a time. Despite officials orders to be in isolation to limit the spread of this deadly
virus we continue to worship from the safety of our homes together virtually as a community of faith welcoming our
community and those around the world seeking God’s Word and Sacrament for comfort and guidance. We ask
God to protect, preserve, provide and comfort each of us at this moment and the days that are to come. Our faith and hope in God continues to uplift us as we are the image of God truly present for each other using our modern
technologies to uplift and care for each other at such a time. We welcome you to join us every Sunday at 10:30
a.m. either through Zoom, Zoom Phone conference, Facebook Live or YouTube.
Phone: 1 646 558 8656 Meeting No. 5933677702#

Virtual Worshipping Word Document.

Grace Episcopal Church

Submitted by Michael Heffner on June 9, 2020.

Summer 2020 edition of The Angelus: News of the Life of GRACE CHURCH newsletter (PDF)

Westchester Church of Christ

Submitted by Regina Campbell on June 23, 2020.

“Walking Believers” Teen Ministry video

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