Grab & Go Grades 7-12 Kit: Paper Chain Wall Hanging

Which Craft? Wednesday has been phased into Grab ‘n Go Craft Kits! Instead of finding materials around the house, teens in grades 7-12 can pick supplies up at the table outside the Library's main entrance, then follow along with the instructional video below to make the project. Or, you can find the materials around your home and follow the video to make the project.

This month we're using making a brightly colored paper chain wall hanging. The kit includes a wooden dowel, string, and strips of paper in ombre sunset colors. You’ll need to provide tape (or a stapler, or some other adhesive for turning paper strips into a chain.)

Also, check out the January 28th edition of Digital Media Specialist Austin Olney’s Tech for Parents (and Children) series. Austin will talk about the paper chain concept as part of this program about digital blockchain. Click here to register.

Follow along with the video below, and please post pictures of your creations on Instagram or Facebook and tag us so we can see what you make!

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