Grab & Go Suspended

On February 23rd, we learned that a library staff member has tested positive for COVID-19. We are being as cautious as possible, and because of this, we are suspending our Grab & Go service until March 8th.

The Library is still available for telephone reference services, and all of our online programs will continue as scheduled. Our book drop will not be available until March 8th. There are no fines for late materials at this time.

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  1. Karen

    I’ve so missed the gracious and patient in-person help from the WP Library staff; but I know you’re there, struggling to do what you can under incredibly frustrating restrictions. I take heart from that and cheer you on, one and all. Hope the “tested positive” individual is now “out of the woods.”


    Please send my wishes for a speedy and easy recovery to the White Plains Library staff member who has contaced COVID.
    Please send my thanks to every staff member at your wonderful library!
    The programs are just terrific. The staff is top-notch.

    Hope to see everyone in person at some pint.

  3. Ruth C.

    I wish the White Plains Library staff member a speedy recovery. Thank you to everyone at the Library for all of the work you do. Every time I’ve called or visited the library, it’s been a great experience. Even if we aren’t able to visit in person, the on-line resources keep us going. Best wishes, Ruth

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