Grab & Go Craft Kits for Teens: Blackout Poetry

Which Craft? Wednesday has been phased into Grab & Go Craft Kits! Instead of finding materials around the house, teens in grades 7-12 can pick up a kit with project supplies at the Library, then follow along with the instructional video below to make the project. Or, you can find the materials around your home and follow the video to make the project. Due to wintry weather and winds, Grab & Go Kits are now held inside the Library. Rather than having them sit outside to be picked up, when you arrive at the Library to pick up a kit, just call 914-422-1490 and let them know which kit you are there to pick up.

For this month’s project, we’re doing blackout poetry using pages from damaged books. Blackout poetry is “written” from a page of existing text, like a page in a book. The poet chooses some words from the page to keep and crosses out the rest, leaving the poem. The kit includes some pages and a Sharpie. You’ll need to provide the poetic inspiration, a pencil, and optional coloring supplies if you want to decorate your page.

Blackout poetry is the theme for the March 18th session of Sit Down & Write, our creative writing time for grades 4 and up. You can pick up a kit or grab some magazine pages from around the house, and join us to create some blackout poetry together. Click here for more information. Note: for events taking place within Zoom, a free registered Zoom account is required to access the Library’s youth programs. Get a Zoom account here.

Follow along with the video below, and please post pictures of your creations on Instagram or Facebook and tag us so we can see what you make!

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