Grab & Go Craft Kits: Earth Day

As part of our Earth Day celebration, we’ve put together a special kit to help you grow a few seeds. Kits are first come, first served, and will become available on Monday, April 19th. When you arrive at the Library to pick up a kit, just call 914-422-1490 and ask for the Grab & Go Earth Day kit.

The kits include newspaper, potting soil, and a few each of basil and purple coneflower seeds. You’ll need to provide scissors, tape, a shallow plastic container, and a cylinder (an empty toilet paper tube or small can will work.) Both plants are easy to grow; purple coneflower is a native pollinator-friendly flower with a long bloom season, and basil is delicious. There are written instructions in each kit, and a brief tutorial in the video below. And once your seeds have sprouted, here’s a great resource to help you with the next steps.

Did you know the Library Plaza is a designated Pollinator Pathway? If you’re interested in pollinator-friendly plants, don’t miss the opportunity to hear from environmental horticulturist Kim Eierman on Tuesday, April 20th at 7:00 p.m. Check out more Earth Day programs here. And, read below for a handful of beginner-friendly gardening books for adults and kids.

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