Peculiar Picks

Peculiar Picks are a selection of odd, funny, interesting, curious, moving, irreverent, and otherwise wonderfully awesome, but perhaps not well known, reads. Peculiar Picks are books for younger readers and their grown-ups, handpicked by the Library's Youth Services Manager, Joshua Carlson.

Reading these fun pictures books about Vikings lead to my daughter becoming interested in learning more about Vikings and Norse Mythology.

The Three Vikings by Adam Auerbach
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A red Viking, a blue Viking, and a wee green Viking set off on adventures seeking entry to the fabled Valhalla. Red is super strong, Blue is very brave, but Green is so small and with just his lyre, songs and stories… What can he do? A delightfully illustrated story about self-worth and finding the value in everyone. Plus, it has a kraken!

The Littlest Viking by Alexandra Penfold, illustrated by Isabel Roxas
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Sven was the littlest Viking. Then a new warrior princess is born and he’s no longer the littlest. Or the fiercest. Or the loudest. However, his skills as a storyteller save the day. A fun book about new siblings and the jealousy that comes with them, as well as demonstrating the power of story. I really enjoyed the way Roxas illustrates Sven’s tales floating through the air.

Ronan the Librarian by Tara Luebbe and Becky Cattie, illustrated by Victoria Maderna
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Ronan the Librarian is so much fun. When the infamous Ronan brings home a treasure from a raid, only to find it not full of gold, but books, BOOKS!, he is upset. However, he becomes hooked on reading, transforming from a barbarian into a librarian. This ultimately leads to a change among all of his people who begin to raid his new library instead of villages. Like The Littlest Viking, Ronan the Librarian shows the transformative power of stories and books.

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