Metaliteracy & Disinformation Workshop

Truth Vs. Disinformation: Turning the Tide Against Social Media Manipulation
Monday, May 24th
7:00–8:00 p.m.
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Professor Tom Palmer will provide metaliteracy tools that attendees can use to help friends and family examine information shared online. Professor Palmer will introduce metaliteracy principles for observing and detecting the origin of disinformation and how it expands through social media channels via unsuspecting citizens.

As a media critic and news deconstructionist, Palmer's experience with multimodal forensics draws upon three-decades of news editing, photojournalism, picture editing and design directing in the news industry. His research and writing also focus on text-image relationships in multimodality theory, metaliteracy and social semiotics.

He joined the Journalism Program faculty at UAlbany in 2014 and continues to serve part-time as Executive News Editor and Editorial Design Director for the Times Union in Albany, N.Y.

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