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Here are some more Great Podcasts for Kids on a variety of topics and themes selected by Josh Carlson, Manager of Youth Services. All of these should be available on any service you use to listen to podcasts, such as Apple Podcasts, Apple Music, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, etc.

All of our Great Podcasts recommendations, including those for Kids, Teens, and Parents and Caregivers, can be found here.

Podcast Potpourri

Ear Snacks
The creators, Andrew and Polly (a duo of award-winning children’s music makers), call the Parents’ Choice Foundation Gold Award winning podcast Ear Snacks a “musical podcast” and music is indeed a huge part of it, but so is thoughtful questioning about the world kids inhabit. I do encourage you to “Join Andrew & Polly and their friends and explore the absurdity and wonder of everyday life in this lovable and award-winning podcast that’ll be a hit for everyone in your family.”

Hey Black Child
Kid hosts Avery and Jackson Ausmer dive into Black history, topics and stories not necessarily covered in school, arts and writing, and more. Each episode features additional resources for diving deeper. Examples of topics covered include Superheroes, Africa, Careers, Poetry and the difference between the terms Black and African American.

Hey Chef!
A teenaged aspiring chef interviews established chefs and learns about cooking and recipes, the restaurant industry, and related topics.

Is That True?
From A Kids Book About, this podcast features journalist and Northwestern University Medill School of journalism lecturer Arionne Nettles introducing listeners to a variety of topics, undertaking exploration and fact-finding discoveries, and understanding how we know what is “fact” versus “fiction.” Recommended for ages 6+.

Created by four Emmy-award winning journalists, KidNuz is a short daily briefing on what’s happening in the world. If listening on their own, this is recommended for older kids/tweens, as KidNuz does not hold back on the topics it discusses that are the big news of the day. However, it may be good as “family listening” with younger children as a way to start conversations on current events.

Million Bazillion
From Marketplace and American Public Media, this podcast helps kids, and their families, learn about money, economics and financial literacy.

The Students’ Podcast
A podcast for, and by, students (and teachers) about the art and skills behind making podcasts, from NPR.

STEM Podcasts

Cool Facts About Animals
A podcast “for and by kids” that does exactly what the title suggests, provides really cool and interesting information about animals – especially unique animals you’ve probably never learned much about before, if you’ve even heard of! Each episode covers a different animal in an educational, but also very fun and entertaining way.

NASA’s Curious Universe
Billed as “wild and wonderful adventures” direct from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration , this podcast for elementary school ages (and up) explores and educates on outer space and the scientists and experiments exploring it right now. A recent episode, for example, featured the first recorded sounds from Mars with NASA scientists discussing what was being heard.

Books, Reading, & Stories Podcasts

Eleanor Amplified
Recommended for ages 6-10, Eleanor Amplified is an ongoing adventure series the whole family can enjoy. To get her story, journalist Eleanor travels the world, gets into adventures and takes on villains, while listeners hear a fun, entertaining and engaging story that also happens to provide an introduction to media literacy.

Six Minutes
An eleven-year-old girl is pulled out of the icy water near Alaska, but who is she? How did she get there? Why does she have a hoverboard? Does she have… powers? The name of the podcast comes from each episode being only six minutes long, but together they unfold into a deep and rich mystery.

Stoopkid Stories
Recommended for ages 5+. From the site: “Follow 7 young Black characters every episode, as they face a new adventure and will have to overcome different obstacles dealing with their friends, family, school and community. Each story has a lesson and will hopefully spark conversations in households, schools and playgrounds all over the world.”

Story Story Podcast
Featuring storytellers from around the world telling traditional folktales and fairy tales from around the world. This is a great way to hear master storytellers at their craft.

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