Great Podcasts for Kids 5

Here are some more Great Podcasts for Kids on a variety of topics and themes selected by Josh Carlson, Manager of Youth Services. All of these should be available on any service you use to listen to podcasts, such as Apple Podcasts, Apple Music, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, etc.

Be sure to also check out earlier entries in the series and if you have some great podcast recommendations of your own, leave them in the comments below!

Podcast Potpourri

Greeking Out
From National Geographic Kids, Greeking Out is all about Greek mythology, told in a very funny, kid-friendly, style. My daughter absolutely loves it. And, I admit, I find it highly entertaining and enjoyable myself. The interjections by the robotic “Oracle of WiFi” are endlessly amusing and the stories are told in fun ways. Also, be sure to check out the National Geographic Kids series of books, Zeus the Mighty (available in the Library’s catalog), featuring animals in a pet rescue center all named after Greek gods and goddesses and the mythology-inspired adventures they have. My daughter loves the books, too!

Highlights Hangout
Classic kids magazine Highlights, becomes a feature-rich podcast from the same folks at Tinkercast that make the amazing Wow in the World podcast (featuring in the first Great Podcasts for Kids).

Homeschool History
Produced by BBC Radio and presented by Greg Jenner, the creator of Horrible Histories, Homeschool History brings to life a wide range of history topics with interesting stories, fun facts and jokes.

Mystery Recipe
From America’s Test Kitchen, Mystery Recipe is a podcast all about learning about cooking and food. The intrigue and fun begins with the mystery of the recipe and trying to guess what is being made from the ingredients, but continues throughout. Great for all ages.

This Podcast Has Fleas
While there aren’t many episodes of this WNYC produced podcast for kids, the seven that are available are hilarious. Two household pets, a dog and a cat, host dueling podcasts narrating the adventures and misadventures of their human family’s life, from a pet’s point of view.

STEM Podcasts

Two Whats?! And A Wow!
An offshoot from Wow in the World (featured in the first Great Podcasts for Kids post), Two Whats?! And A Wow! is a an interactive STEM game show for kids. Filled with great production, music, and fun zaniness for Wow in the World, each episode features a science topic and competition to determine the amazing true facts about that topic.

Who Smarted?
Geared towards elementary school aged kids, the 12 minute episodes of Who Smarted? feature interactive games, humor and stories to engage kids with critical thinking on a variety of topics, frequently science-focused, though not always so. As a bonus, the podcast’s website offers additional resources and activity guides.

Books, Reading & Stories Podcasts

Circle Round
Produced by WBUR, Circle Round “adapts folktales from around the world into sound- and music-rich radio plays for kids ages 3 to 103. Each episode explores universal themes like friendship, persistence, creativity and generosity, and ends with an activity that inspires a deeper conversation between children and grown-ups.” Each episode features the talents of world renowned actors, voice talents and musicians bringing the tales to life alongside composer Eric Shimelonis and longtime public radio host Rebecca Sheir.

The Story Store
Mr. Orlando the Moose and his assistant Gary the Unicorn are the proprietors of The Story Store, in which kids provide their orders (concepts) for a story and a group of performers creates a music, laugh and adventure filled tale that challenges notions of genre. The Story Store is fun stuff produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and was a 2020 Parents Choice Foundation Gold Award Winner in the Podcast category.

The Unexplained Disappearance of Mars Patel
Nominated for two Webby Awards and recommended for ages 8+, The Unexplained Disappearance of Mars Patel is frequently described as a “highly addictive” mystery series with fantastic sound production and a great cast of actual middle grade actors. The series is quite immersive, including an additional fun and engaging aspect: the in-story advertisements for Pruitt Prep school are actually logic puzzles and brain teasers connected to the Pruitt Prep website.

Young Ben Franklin
Before he was the famous historical figure we know, this podcast presents Ben Franklin at 13, investigating mysteries with his friends, having adventures, and using his curious mind and profound intellect, all while thwarting British forces. Great for elementary school aged kids and up.

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