International LEGO Day

International LEGO Day celebrates the day that a Danish carpenter, Godfred Kirk Christiansen, filed a patent for the original LEGO brick system in 1958. LEGO is one of the most beloved toys in the world. LEGO allows children to learn about building by playing with bricks and creating different structures, robots, castles and more. To celebrate National LEGO Day, I will highlight some books that include facts, cool creations, and information about the creators of Lego. For example, did you know that LEGO has been around for more than seventy years? To celebrate International LEGO day you can create a castle, dragon or even a robot!

Also, in February we will be providing a fun Grab N’ Go LEGO kit and program to celebrate Black History Month. Please check our library calendar for more information about this upcoming program.

Recommended Reads:

Brick Science: STEM Tips and Tricks for Experimenting with Your Lego Bricks by Jacquie Fisher
Library Collection: Print

In Brick Science you will find lots of cool experiments and creative ways to learn about the wonderful world of science through LEGO creations and experiments. One of the cutest sections involves building an exoskeleton for a seal named Sam to protect it from sharks. The book also includes instructions for creating a constellation using smaller LEGO pieces. If your child loves LEGO and science, this book is a wonderful treat.

Awesome Minds: The Inventors of LEGO by Erin Hagar, illustrated by Paige Garrison
Library Collection: Print

This book introduces readers to the creators of this amazing toy. Readers will learn about important LEGO features as well as colorful illustrations and favorite LEGO memories from various authors and artists. A wonderful introduction to the creators and creation of Lego.

Build It!! Make Supercool Models with Your LEGO Classic Set by Jennifer Kemmeter
Library Collection: Print

Build It! Volume 1 has some really cool ideas. Children can use this book as a step-by-step guide in building a navy jet, yacht and battleship. The city living page depicts a small city built from LEGO, including a mailbox, a blue house, trees, and even a streetlight. The step-by-step guide makes it an easy book to follow.

Totally Cool Creations by Sean Kenney
Library Collection: Print

Totally Cool Creations is three books in one. The book includes Cool Cars and Trucks, Cool Robots and Cool City. My favorite illustration is a cool robot that waves hello. There is also a fun scavenger hunt in the robot section. Readers can become creative with LEGO tools and the author provides this question for the reader: can you find where these parts are used in the book? A wonderful read filled with illustrations on how to build bots, mix and match pieces, and even design your own truck.

The LEGO Idea Book by Daniel Lipkowitz
Library Collection: Print

This is a fantastic book that has wonderful illustrations that help the reader gain an understanding of each structure and creature. For example, you can make a dragon and learn that the flexible tail is made by slopes and joints. The book also includes interviews with adults who build LEGO creations. They explain their most complex models and what to do if their model falls apart. A wonderful book for LEGO enthusiasts.

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