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Given that February is commonly referred to as the month of love, it seems like a good time as parents to talk to our children about friendship, sharing, and empathy. In that vein, here are some great books from our Parenting collection that focus on these topics.

A Little SPOT of Giving: A Story About Sharing and Generosity by Diane Alber
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This book is part of a series called Inspire To Create A Better You! They are all great books to use with your children. In this title, the little spot, which narrates the book, shows children how gifts do not have to be anything physical, but something that has the power to spread kindness. After giving examples, he asks, “What gift are you going to give today?” The engaging, comic-like format combined with the subject matter make this a can’t-miss book to read with your children.

A Kids Book About Empathy by Daron K. Roberts
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This book is part of an amazing series called A Kids Book About. Titles range anywhere from bullying to white privilege, and each title is better than the last! Each book starts with “better together,” to say that these books are made to be read together with an adult. The books make abstract concepts easy to understand with concrete examples that use simple words and images. This title defines the difference between sympathy and empathy and gives four practical steps to practicing empathy. A great choice to spark conversation!

Let’s Be Friends by Violet Lemay
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This is an adorable little board book with lift-the-flap pages. Each two-page spread presents potential opposites, like serious and silly, then posits “Can they be friends?” Children then open to flap to discover that, yes, they absolutely can. It is a cute and engaging way to show children that differences do not mean they cannot be friends.

I Like to Share by Stephen Krensky
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This simple board book shows how life became so much better for the narrator once he learned how to share. It’s short and sweet with a great message for our littlest readers. It is accompanied by four other titles in Krensky’s empowerment series: Now I Am Big!, I Can Do It Myself!, I Know A Lot!, and I Am So Brave!

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