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Please note that the current Wordle link has been updated since the game was purchased by NYTimes. The current link can be found here.

Have you joined in the Wordle craze yet, or are you still wondering what:
Wordle 227 3/6

⬛⬛Green square⬛⬛
Green square⬛Green square⬛⬛
Green squareGreen squareGreen squareGreen squareGreen square


If you haven't been solving this free daily word puzzle, it was created by Josh Wardle for his crossword aficionado partner (more on that here), and just yesterday it was purchased by the New York Times for a reported seven figures. It's unclear how long Wordle will remain free, but just in the last few weeks alone, we've seen the creation of many different versions: the eleven-letter puzzle, Lordle of the Rings (who else got Shire in two tries?), and a new staff favorite, Dordle. The last month has shown us one thing is for certain: the love of word puzzles will never truly fade. In that spirit, Adult Services Librarian Kristen Thornton-De Stafeno compiled a list of related reads, and a few more fun word puzzle sites.


  • Puzzlemaster Deck by Will Shortz (Libby)
  • Thinking Inside the Box: Adventures with Crosswords and the Puzzle People Who Can't Live Without Them by Adrienne Raphel (eBook / Audiobook)
  • The Million Word Crossword Dictionary by Stanley Newman and Daniel Stark (eBook)
  • 101 Two-Letter Words by Stephin Merritt (Print)
  • Four-Letter Words: and Other Secrets of a Crossword Insider by Michelle Arnot (Print)
  • Dead Man's Puzzle: a Puzzle Lady Mystery by Parnell Hall (Print)


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