Honeybees and Pollinators

Sunday, April 3rd
2:00–3:00 p.m.
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This is a one hour class that explores honeybees and the important role they play in our lives and environment. We'll also discuss the plight they are currently experiencing (mass die-offs due to pollution, climate change, etc.) and what we can do to help them. Patrons will get to see beekeeping tools and equipment such as a smoker, veil, beekeeper's suit, and hive box up-close, plus large glossy pictures of honey bees, and a frame of live honeybees that will be safely secured in an observation hive!

John Gallagher is a N.Y.S. certified teacher who has taught Music at St. Augustine School in Ossining for over 24 years and has been a beekeeper for 9 years. In addition to the hives in his own apiary, he also manages hives at other locations such as The Center at Mariondale in Ossining and St. Augustine School and Parish where he also runs a student beekeeping club.

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