Meet Donna Gehlmann

Please join me in welcoming our newest staff member, Youth Services Librarian Donna Gehlmann.

What interested you in becoming a librarian?

I have always loved books and reading. Going to our public library as a child with my mom and sister is a happy memory for me. I have volunteered at my son's school (in the libraries) and seeing the joy on all the children's faces when they come to the library has left an impression on me!

Why did you decide you wanted to work with youth?

I was a 2nd grade aide for three years and loved being with the children everyday. We had a group of children that needed a little extra help reading and I was able to help & encourage them to keep going!

Any programs or services you're looking forward to trying out this spring?

Yes! I am happy to say that I am working on bringing therapy dogs back to the Library to sit with the children while they read and also bringing back a LEGO hour for children to sit and create.

I am also starting a Graphic Novel book club and currently have 20 children interested.

What has surprised you the most about White Plains, or the Library?

What surprised me is that White Plains & the Library remind me a lot of Columbus, OH (where I am from). We lived only a few miles north of The Ohio State University (I am an alumnus) and were lucky to have residents from all over the world in our area. I love that about White Plains & the Library…I get to meet so many wonderful people from all over.

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