Edward Steinberg Photo

Edward C. Steinberg (1942-2018) worked for White Plains from 1970 to the mid-1990s in the Urban Renewal Agency and later as Commissioner of Planning. He helped build the Galleria, the Transportation Center, the Public Safety Building, the Westchester Mall, and the Federal Courthouse. He was also a photographer, and recently his widow donated three of his photographs to our local history collection. One is of the Transportation Center, one shows workers pouring cement, and the other the demolition of a building.  Part of the pouring cement photo is shown below (it doesn’t say what building it was for, unfortunately). Feel free to stop by the White Plains Collection to view these photographs and our collection of Urban Renewal documents.

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  1. Thanks, Mr. Duffy! Ed always enjoyed any photography he did for or about the City. It’s important to document what we did in the past, in order to remember it and go forward sensibly into the future.
    Marian Steinberg

    • Austin, Adult Librarian

      You’re welcome, Mrs. Steinberg! And yes, it’s important to document what we did in the past.

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