Meet Lilian Boyd

Please join me in welcoming our newest staff member, Youth Services Librarian Lilian Boyd.

What interested you in becoming a librarian?

I began working in libraries as a library page and loved learning about the library and all the new books. After a year I was promoted to Information Assistant. As an information assistant I created many programs for the community. The response to the programs and support of colleagues inspired me to become a librarian.

Why did you decide you wanted to work with youth?

I decided I wanted to work with youth because I believe in the importance of connecting young people with all of the amazing free resources that the library and the city have to offer. Also, creating teen centered programs is a lot of fun as the teens come with a lot of ideas that they want to see in the library. Lastly, I decided that I wanted to work with youth because I am very passionate about college and career programming. College and career programming supports teens access to many free resources.

Any programs or services you're looking forward to trying out this spring/summer?

I am looking forward to the Career and College Edge series I will be hosting this summer in partnership with Collegewise and the U.S. Small Business Administration. I am also very excited to work on the fun upcoming summer camps for the edge with Kat. The programs will support STEAM, sustainability, and mindfulness.

What has surprised you the most about White Plains, or the Library?

What has surprised me about White Plains is how close everything is. I love how walkable White Plains is. I truly enjoy going for a walk during lunch on a sunny day.

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