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Noor and Bobby by Praline Gay-Para, Illustrations by Lauranne Quentric
(ages 4-7)
Translated from French by Alyson Waters
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What immediately grabbed my attention was the sweet illustration of a boy holding a dog on the cover. This illustration is simplistic in nature, but the story it tells is multi-layered. There are certain subjects that are hard to discuss with younger children and that is exactly why we need books like Noor and Bobby.

The author never uses the word war in the story, but the reader will realize that something is not right in Noor’s city. “One by one the neighbors have left.” Noor looks forward to seeing the lady who lives on the 6th floor take her dog for a walk each day. One morning though, the lady gets into a taxi and leaves the dog behind. Noor has affectionately named the dog Bobby. Bobby chases after the taxi and Noor yells after him.

On his quest to find his friend, Noor helps a trapped bird and a mama cat who just had a litter of kittens. When Noor finally finds Bobby he tells him, “When we manage to leave the city, we’ll leave together and stay friends forever!” The illustrator uses paper collage for this story in muted colors; keeping the focus on Noor and the story. Through this tale, the reader will learn there can be hope and optimism even in the darkest days.

About Yonder books:

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