June Picture Book of the Month

Picture Books are for all children!

In this blog, Donna will highlight great picture books old and new.

all the beating hearts by julie fogliano
(ages 4-8)
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“Each beat / a reminder / that we are here / and alive / together but apart / the same, but exactly different.” A wonderful quote from this beautiful picture book that is so expressive in text and illustrations. This picture book, told in verse, might seem very simplistic, but carries a very important message about what happens in our lives on a daily basis. There will be good days and there will be bad days and together we will get through it all. One beat at a time. This is such a positive message for all and will make your heart fill full. This book should be read and re-read!

A tender and compassionate exploration of the shared experiences that bring us all together, be they sweet, painful, or both.

–Penguin Random House

Captivating words and pictures present the primacy of personal interactions.

–Kirkus Review

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